Dream It, Believe It, Eat It! Latin Roots Pop Up Dinner

This past Saturday, I was able to accomplish a long time goal of mine. Ever since I came to live in Miami, in 2016, I've always wanted to create a pop up dinner showcasing a menu that truly encompassed who I am as a cook and as a Latina woman. Two years went by and it seemed like I would never accomplish this goal but I still remained hopeful knowing that the opportunity would present itself when it was time.

After quitting my corporate job of three years in June, it was all systems go. No more planning, it was time for action! I teamed up with the amazing team at


to create this one-night only five course dinner. I was so nervous when the tickets went on sale! I remember thinking of ways to bribe people if this dinner didn't sell out. To my surprise, it sold out in less than two weeks! I will never forget this night. It was truly rewarding to see everyone's reactions when they took that first bite. I put so much love and thought into this menu and am so happy people were able to FEEL that.

Long story short, persevere. Do not give up on your goals and dreams. Know that your journey is yours and yours only. Do not feel discouraged as time passes, as long as you continue to focus on the end goal, you will get there!

Special thank you to Jessica from

Taste This Life

for flying from Cayman to be my right hand woman.


Media for the video footage,

Eat The Canvas

for the pictures and TRP for giving me the platform!

Dream It, Believe It, Eat It! Latin Roots Dinner

Course 1

Gouda stuffed plantain fritters, chipotle honey aoli

Course 2

Venezuelan cachapas, mojo pork belly, avocado cloud, herb salad

Course 3

Cobia tiradito with soursop leche de tigre

Course 4

Venezuelan style braised short rib, plantain mash, chili rice crisp, scallions

Course 5

Forbidden Arroz Con Leche, toasted coconut flakes, local mango sorbet